Jacqueline Gane and the team at bNatural Health offer live blood microscopy.


What is Live Blood Microscopy?

Live blood microscopy is the use of high-resolution dark field microscope to observe live blood cells. Live blood analysis allows a practitioner to assess various indicators of current health status.

Live blood analysis is performed by placing a drop of blood under a dark field microscope and viewing these cells through a camera on a computer screen. Certain factors can be assessed through microscopy, including nutrient status (Vitamin B12, iron, calcium), relative pH status, and white blood cell activity. Many other parameters can also be assessed through microscopy.

Live Blood Microscopy is not intended as a diagnostic procedure, and your practitioner will not provide any kind of medical diagnosis. Live Blood Microscopy is used as an educational tool to help supplement and monitor any treatments provided by other licensed practitioners.

During your session, you will be provided with a detailed explanation of any finding, and you will be provided with a report and pictures of your analysis at the end of your session.

Live Blood Microscopy uses only a drop of blood, and is safe and suitable for all ages, including babies, children and pregnant women.