Castor Oil Pack

The castor bean (Oleum ricini), also known as Palma Christi, can be placed over the abdomen, usually with heat applied.  The oil is absorbed into the lymphatic circulation to provide a soothing, cleansing, and nutritive treatment, which stimulates immune function and tonifies internal organs.

Castor Oil Pack (COP) Procedure:

  • First wash the flannel (if new) in warm water and dry. Fold flannel into 2-3 thicknesses to fit over your entire abdomen.

  • Soak flannel with castor oil, and wring out until damp like a wash cloth. The first few times you use it, it will seem there is too much oil present. However, be patient and usually after several applications, the flannel will have just the right amount of castor oil.

  • Lay wool blanket, old sheet, large sheet of plastic and old towel out on the surface you will be lying on. This will prevent staining.

  • Lie on your back, with your feet elevated (pillow under knees and feet), placing flannel over abdomen, liver or uterus; cover with a small sheet of plastic and towel and then place a hot water bottle or heating pad on top.

  • Wrap yourself in the sheet and wool blanket.

  • Leave pack on 45-60 minutes. Watch TV, read or just relax. Some people wear the pack all night using an ace bandage to hold it in place.

Use the COP between as frequently as you can.  Ideally, it should be used at least 3x/week, except during menstruation.

To avoid a detox reaction, be sure to drink lots of water on the days that a COP is being used.

Dina Eino